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Top 10 Facts About Possums in Australia

Possums along with kangaroos and koalas are iconic Australian fauna.  Another Aussie icon, Dame Edna...

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Rosella Control

There are 5 main rosella species to control that come in conflict with Australian farmers. Crimson...

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Bird Gard has a range of Airport Bird Scarers and Aviation Bird Control products to prevent bird strike at airfields and airports. Bird strikes to aircraft can cause severe damage and have resulted in fatalities. Collisions between birds and aircraft or bird strikes as they are known will always occur but the risk of severe damage can be reduced with the proper application of bird control techniques. The threat of catastrophic bird strike is ever present and demands due diligence.

Bird Gard Airport Bird Scarers will help improve flight safety, reduce the risk of bird strike and minimise your bird strike statistic. Bird Gard Airport Bird Control products are a inexpensive option compared to litigation, and the damage done to aircraft.

Bird Gard Kite

Our Bird Gard Kite is a Bird of Prey Kite or a Raptor Kite. It is an actual Kite that is a very l..

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Bird Gard Laser Gun

The Bird Gard Laser is a hand-held anually operated Bird Laser deterrent that has been specifical..

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Bird Repellent Eyes


The amazing Bird Repellent Eyes have proven to be successful at repelling Crows, Indian Mynas, Pi..

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Bird X 20 - Sonic Fence

Bird X 20 - Sonic Fence is is one of the most powerful Electronic Bird Deterrent Systems availabl..

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Eagle Kite - Bird Scarer

Is it an Eagle or a kite? It looks so real, its hard to tell, maybe that's why it works so we..

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Pro Amp

The Pro Amp The Pro Amp is Bird Gard's largest and most powerful stand alone device.  It..

Super Pro X - Bird Control

This latest bird control technology in the Bird Gard line is a result of over five years experime..

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Weatherproof Outdoor 12V Battery Timer


To allow you to have greater flexibility operating your Bird Gard or any other 12v device, buy a ..