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Possum Deterrent

The original Possum Deterrent with advanced ultrasonics, light & motion sens..

Based on 585 reviews.

Solar Powered Possum Repeller

The ultrasonic solar possum repeller is bird gards latest addition in the battle against possums...

Based on 43 reviews.

The Ultrasonic 'Roof Off' Possum Removal

The Ultrasonic Roof Off is the industry's most advanced device for removing possums from your..

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Animal Netting

Many “professional pests” are non-native species such as wild foxes, pigs, rabbits, mice, goats, ..

CEX Ultrasonic Pest Control

The CEX is designed specifically to repel animals such as mice, rats, possums, rabbits and ..

Based on 106 reviews.

Vermin-X - Ultrasonic & Sonic Pest Control System

The Vermin-X is a transonic device (combination of ultrasonics and sonics) specifically designed ..

Based on 5 reviews.