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Animal Netting

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This Product Repels: Foxes, Pigs, Rabbits, Goats, Dogs, Cats, Kangaroos, Possums, Wallabies


Many “professional pests” are non-native species such as wild foxes, pigs, rabbits, mice, goats, dogs, cats and others, although indigenous kangaroos, parrots, possums and wallabies contribute their fair share of damage. Regardless of their origin, these nuisances cost landowners and renters hundreds of millions of dollars per year.  Not only can they significantly damage crops, gardens and even other domestic animals and livestock but they can also cause soil erosion and pollution, even threatening the survival of native Australian plants and animals.

Bird Gard animal netting keeps pests out while protecting your property and domestic creatures.  At approximately 61 square meters (2m wide x 30.5m long) it can be adapted for a variety of uses, whether  as a fence for your pets/small livestock or to shield landscapes, gardens, roofs and lawns from wild and even native plant eating animals.  It can be trimmed to accommodate spaces in both rural and urban areas.  Made of strong, lightweight and noncorrosive material, the netting is UV resistant, easily cleaned and environmentally friendly.  

Installing and removal is a cinch; simply refold and store in package or a clean, dry place for use for next season. Check out this noninvasive and practical option.  No obligation, no call centres, no pushy sales staff!

Brand: Bird Gard
Product Code: AN
Availability: In Stock
Dimension 2m W x 30.5m L (approx 61 sq m)
Weight 560g
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