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Battery Snake & Rat Deterrent

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Although snakes rarely lie in wait for people and mostly try to escape contact, certain situations can create potential danger. Walking through long grass or reeds, stepping over rather than onto a log where a snake may be curled up or failing to wear ankle-protective footwear (where 90 percent of snake bites occur) may result in a worst-case scenario. And nobody wants to encounter a rat. Especially if it’s not a pet or otherwise caged.

Battery-powered so that it works day and night, the Bird Gard Battery Snake and Rat Deterrent eliminates all of these possibilities. It can easily be placed in both shady and sunny places so you, your family, your pets or livestock can roam freely without concerns for unwanted encounters. Weatherproof, waterproof and emitting distinctly different and random high-frequency vibrations, it is designed to throw snakes and rats off their game and keep them away. Although maximum coverage is about a 30 metre diameter circle, for larger areas you might want to use them in tandem and install them no more than 25 metres apart. Additionally:

  • The deterrent requires four “D” batteries so check and/or replace batteries every month or so. This will insure uninterrupted protection.
  • Bury the pointed tip in the ground for optimum performance.The rest of the unit should remain above ground (for ease in changing batteries, identifying location, and so forth).
  • Install units near places of frequent activity; for example patios, gardens, play and pet areas. They can also be placed along property boundaries and creek lines.
  • Make the exterior of your home less attractive to these pests. Keep the grass mowed and avoid accumulating piles of materials or “junk” that may be used as cover.

Easy to use and install and with a 30-day money back guarantee and one year warranty (batteries not included) the Bird Gard Battery Snake and Rat Deterrent provides you and yours safety and peace of mind.

Brand: Bird Gard
Product Code: BSRR
Availability: In Stock
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