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Bird & Bat Control (BBC)

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This Product Repels: Cockatoos, Crows, Little Corellas, Starlings, Flying Foxes, Kangaroos, Wallabies, Blackbirds

The Bird & Bat Control (BBC) is best known as a starling repeller. It does an excellent job in removing starlings. It's sound is like a jackhammer type chattering (a bit like exaggerated cycadas). The BBC is often used in conjunction with other sounds, such as the Electronic Scarecrow (ESC), to control:

  • Blackbird Control
  • Crow Control
  • Currawong Control
  • Lorikeet - Rainbow Control
  • Starling Control

This unit is able to emit ultrasonic sounds, which are sounds in the over 20,000hz range. These ultrasonic sounds are effective in repelling:

  • Flying Fox Control
  • Kangaroo & Wallaby Control

(in conjunction with strong floodlights)
all of which are able to hear sounds in the over 20,000hz range Humans, except those with very sensitive hearing, usually children, hear only up to 20,000hz.

An interesting by-product of the BBC's high frequency output, is that some lychee growers have noticed that where they have a BBC, they have very little sucking moth damage. It appears the moth "hears" the ultrasonic sound waves and believes an insect-eating bat has "locked" on to it with it's ultrasonic echo location. This causes the moth to drop straight to the ground to avoid being eaten.

The BBC unit can be used to run a sonic fence (a series of speakers 30m apart) made up of as many as 8 speakers thus forming a wall of sound 210m long. It can also be used as a part of a multi-blaster, which is a 4 way (360 degree) speaker run by 2 sound generators. This enables the unit to output 2 different sounds in a 360-degree circle. In either sonic fence or multi-blaster form, an 85amp fully charged battery will power the system, non-stop, for 2 to 3 weeks. As with all Bird Gard sound generators, the BBC is fully automatic. It has a light sensor that can be set with the flick of a switch to DAY, NIGHT, or 24-HOUR operation. There is no need to physically have to go and turn on in the morning and off at night, it's automatic.

The BBC is also contained in our new MSF/BBC unit. This combines all the sounds of the Bird X-8 plus a BBC unit all into the one unit.

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Brand: Bird Gard
Product Code: BBC
Availability: In Stock
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