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Bird Netting

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Birds can present a multitude of problems for both city and rural dwellers. Along with destroying a physical space and fouling the appearance they also create odour and safety hazards with their slippery, smelly and gross-looking droppings. Their nests, feathers and waste can harbor fungal and bacterial diseases as well as harmful parasites, insects and mites. The acid in bird poop corrodes stone, metal and wood, and along with nesting materials, can block gutters and downpipes, resulting in major water damage.  A bird trapped inside a residence or commercial building creates havoc and panic among homeowners, customers and staff.  Flocks are also infamous for destroying well grown crops and beautiful gardens.  

Malleable and lightweight  at only 160 grams, Bird Gard Bird Netting can help protect your investment, whether home, office, commercial enterprise, garden or farm. Made from high-quality, UV protected material, the 2 meter wide x 6.1 meter long dimensions can be easily trimmed to size.  This makes it ideal for blocking points of entry, placing around the circumference of a garden, over fruit and other trees, crops or a vineyard as well as covering outside dryer vents or gutters.  The small holes and durable fabric can deter the smallest starling while impeding the strongest beak of a larger raven or crow.   Easy on plants and other surfaces, it minimizes the need for permanent, costly structures.  Just clean and re-use for the next season, as long as it’s stored in a cool, dry place.  Check out this inexpensive, safe and practical option.  No obligation, no call centers, no pushy sales staff!

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Product Code: BN
Availability: In Stock
Dimension 2m W x 6.1m L
Weight 160g
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