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Bird Repellent Gel - Currently Unavailable

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The Bird Repellent Gel is a non-toxic, non harmful bird gel that is easy to apply.  It is an ideal product to repel birds in domestic, commercial and industrial buildings.

The Bird Repellent Gel is used to repel birds from any surface where birds roost indoors and out, such as ledges, signs, beams, pipes, walls, fences, roof tops, light poles etc.  The Bird Repellent Gel is highly effective against birds that are a nuisance around homes and buildings. Effective against nuisance birds such as Pigeons, Indian Mynas, Starlings and Sparrows. This product has proved to be a particularly successful pigeon repellent and is easily applied with a standard caulking gun, just follow the instructions.

When trying to get rid of Possums, the Bird Repellent Gel can be used on roof tops and around any roof entry points, on top of fences and walls and even on tree trunks.  Bird Gel is a great supplement to our Ultrasonic Possum Deterrent and bird deterrent products.

You can use the Bird Repellent Gel as an alternative to Bird Spikes as it can defend most areas for up to a quarter of the cost of Bird Spikes.

Unlike some other nasty anti bird gels, past and present, the Bird Gard Bird Gel is environmentally friendly in comparison. 

***NOTE: Many wildlife authorities advise that Polybutene Bird Gels can trap and kill swallows. Our product the eco friendly Bird Repellent Gel does not contain Polybutene and never will.  However, never use any Bird Gel product to repel swallows.

The Bird Repellent Gel should only be used against non native bird species, avoid using in areas when protected native bird species may come in contact. 

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Product Code: BRG
Availability: Out Of Stock
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