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Bird X 20 - Sonic Fence

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This Product Repels: Cockatoos, Crows, Indian Mynas, Little Corellas, Rainbow Lorikeets, Rosellas, Silvereyes, White-Eyes, Wax-Eyes, Starlings, Galahs, Friar Birds, Leatherheads, Musk Lorikeets, Scaly Breasted Lorikeets, Red Wattle Birds, Wax Eyes, Flying Foxes, 28s, Port Lincoln Parrots, Currawongs, Blackbirds

Bird X 20 - Sonic Fence is is one of the most powerful Electronic Bird Deterrent Systems available. In order to provide control over a broader range of bird species than single sound harassmenht units, the Bird - X 20 has three separate and distinct multi-frequency variable harassment sounds.  Rather than scare birds these unique harassment sounds impair the bird's ability to think, hear and communicate. It is like electronic warfare against birds that repels them without harm.  With 20 years of continuous experience at repelling birds we have found this technology to be superior to bio-acoustic bird sounds on many different bird species

With a total of 20 individual speakers hooked up consecutively one after the other, the Bird - X 20 forms a continuous 'sonic fence' up to 550 meters long. This is ideal for long boundaries bordering areas such as forests, scrub etc and long thin areas like runways.


  • a Sound Control Generator
  • a 40watt solar panel
  • 20 separate speakers.  


Sound cannot travel efficiently through dense vegetation. Therefore, speakers must be placed about 1 metre above the top of the average crop canopy height. Correct installation is very important. Bird Gard will provide a mud map with the correct speaker positions marked. 

Speaker #1 has 'spade' connections which are attached to the speaker outlet on the Sound Control Generator. The other 19 speakers have a single plug-in stereo jack which plugs into the bottom of the preceding speaker.

Speaker cables by necessity are light gauge. The cables should be strung DIRECT from speaker to speaker in mid air. The cable from speaker to speaker requires no support but it is imperative that it is anchored to the post or pole supporting the speaker before it is stretched out to the next speaker. Failure to do so will place undue strain on the plugs and sockets and may damage them. 

Speaker cables should never be run along the ground as they may be damaged.


The solar panel will trickle charge the battery and will lessen the number of times that it will require recharging. Solar panels are not infallible. Overcast conditions drastically reduce their output and the battery's power storage will obviously plummet at such times. During early morning and late afternoon, the machine is operating and drawing power while the solar panel is generating very little power. It will, therefore, be nescessary to recharge the battery from time to time.


All modes of operation are clearly marked on the face of the sound generator unit, i.e. how to set for day, night, or 24 hour operation, short, medium or long time-off periods and random or non-random sound sequences.

The X-20 is pre-set on DAY, SHORT, RANDOM - all that is required is that the speakers and power are connected and the unit turned ON.

Once the X-20 is up and running, it can provide 24 hour protection for your crop, runway or other.  A light sensor operates the unit during daylight or night time or both.

  • A light sensor automatically turns the device ON and OFF and can be programmed for DAY, NIGHT or 24 hour operation.
  • The unit should always be run at maximum volume.
  • Hearing protection should be used when in close proximity to the speakers.
  • Deep cycle battery in excess of 100 amps is recommended.
  • The battery must never be allowed to become flat, it is a matter of good management.
  • A spare battery is recommended.
  • If in any doubt regarding any area of operation, contact Bird Gard for advice.

A spare battery is recommended because a large flock of birds in a crop for a day while a flat battery is recharging, will cost a lot more than a back-up battery.


In the off-season the system should be stored in an insect proof container (e.g. a taped up box) to ensure that ants or wasps don't build nests inside the control box or speakers as this may render the system inoperable.

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Brand: Bird Gard
Product Code: BIRDX-20
Availability: In Stock
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