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Bird-X QB4 Quadblaster

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Regardless of the type of business, things can quickly 'go to seed' once birds invade your workspace. Not only is your product or service exposed to damage and potential diseases carried by the birds and their droppings, but customers and employees are vulnerable to dive-bombing and attacks, especially if avians make a nest in the area and feel the need to protect their young. Birds are noisy as well, causing further distraction, loss of concentration and productivity. Options for removal are limited and at best, dodgy in more ways than one. You can either let the bird(s) fly out on their own or try to catch them with a net and/or chase them out.

The Bird-X QB4 Quadblaster provides a safe, non-invasive and, for humans, quiet solution. This multi-sensory system consists of an optional strobe light that flashes 60 triple pulses per minute, and an ultrasonic bird repeller that is silent to humans. When exposed to birds, however, it emits a high-frequency pitch that causes birds to become disoriented, intimidated and confused. Once the unit is placed to achieve maximum coverage, birds quickly flee. The unit covers about 604 square metres with up to two extension speakers also available for separate confined spaces.

The Bird-X QB4 Quadblaster repels species from pigeons to gulls to geese and others, including ducks, bats and rodents. It is ideal for use in any large enclosed or semi-enclosed areas such as warehouses, plants, and factories; transportation storage areas like hangars and boat houses; tunnels, underpasses and breezeways; loading docks and much more.

Thanks to this product, corporations such as UPS, Boeing, Coca-Cola and many more have seen their bird problems take flight. It is backed by a 30 day electronics performance satisfaction guarantee and a six month manufacturer's warranty against material defects. For best results, use it in conjunction with one or more other deterrents. The combination of different types of methods has proven to maximise the effectiveness of bird control programs.

Brand: Bird Gard
Product Code: BIRD-X-QB4
Availability: In Stock
Dimension 30.5cm L x 30.5cm W x 10.5 H
Weight 2.26 kg
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