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Electronic Moth Repeller

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This Product Repels: Moths


The MR-50 Electronic Moth Repeller is a safe, silent and effective device designed to protect food and clothes storage areas against most moth species.

The MR-50 Electronic Moth Repeller utilises quiet ultrasonic sound technology to deter moths.  The Electronic Moth Repeller is a safe alternative to chemicals, poisons and traps.

Moths are part of the butterfly family of insects that comprise more than 10,000 species worldwide.  Moths range from very primitive types to highly advanced species.  The moths that infest clothes closets and food pantries are usually of the advanced types.

Moths generally feed at night to avoid birds that feed on moths.  The beneficiary of this behaviour is bats, who have become the major predator of moths.  Moths are attracted to clothes closets and food pantries, because they are dark, have an abundance of food (for moths) and are free from moth predators.

Many species  of moths have a pair of tympanic hearing organs located on their abdomen.  These hearing devices developed as a defence against bats who emit high frequency sonar that is able to locate prey (moths) in total darkness.

The MR-50 Electronic Moth Repeller is designed to emit sounds that interfere with moths' abilities to 'hear' bats creating an unsafe environment that moths cannot tolerate for very long.  Moths are forced to leave the unsafe area.  The MR-50 Electronic Moth Repeller has no moving parts and is built to give years of trouble free performance.

Brand: Bird Gard
Product Code: MR-50
Availability: Out Of Stock
1 Year Warranty One Year Warranty
Dimension 11cm L x 11cm W x 4cm H
Weight 100g
Power Input Uses 9 Volt alkaline battery (not included)
Sound Output
Range Covers up to 1 metre x 2.5 metre closet
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