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Bird Gard has many products that you can use around your home and garden. All our pest control products are humane, safe and non-lethal and designed for easy do-it-yourself installation and operation. We've combined ultrasonic and sonic sound frequencies, visual aids, aversion products and physical obstructions to repel Possums, Rabbits, Rats, Mice, Wallabies, Bandicoots, Kangaroos and even Snakes. Birds such as Cockatoos, Swallows, Starlings, Sparrows, Crows, Indian Mynas, Ibis, Blackbird, Peewees, Brush Turkeys and other pest animals and birds can also be repelled from around your garden. Here's what some of our customers have been saying:

Thank you so much for this wonderful ultrasonic Humane Possum Deterrent… it works. We haven't had any possums in our yard since we had the Possum Deterrent. Our garden is now clean with no offensive droppings, Thanks again. Vera - VIC
We purchased the CEX to control Wallabies and Wallaroos from invading our garden. It has been a outstanding success. John Allen - North Turramurra
Good news! The little blighters have moved on. I have been helping a neighbour with his Starling problems and have suggested he buy a Starling Repeller unit also so you may have another order from Nilma soon. Rod - Nilma Vic
You may recall over the phone I was sceptical that these devices would work, but snakes, kids and my dog don't mix so I had to try something. I'm happy to say we haven't had a snake incident around the shed since we installed them so will order four more Snake Repellers. Thanks. Arthur - Tanawah Qld
Solar Powered Possum Repeller


The ultrasonic Solar Possum Repeller is Bird Gard's latest addition in the battle against possums..

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