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Starting in the late 80s in our own Lychee orchards that were being decimated by Lorikeets, Flying foxes, Crows, other birds and possums, Bird Gard developed several electronic bird control devices and other products for the Australian & New Zealand horticultural industry. We specialise in bird scarers or electronic devices that emit the latest in sonic harassment technology and digital recordings of distressed and alarmed birds, along with the sounds made by their natural predators. These sounds are broadcast through high fidelity weather-resistant speakers and are used to repel most fruit eating birds and flying foxes. We know it works, as we got away with not netting for 15 years and reduced our losses to 2 to 3% compared to 50% before we developed the Bird Gard system.

The scarers have been a huge success. The Crow Scarer particularly. Only one brief incur by a couple of crows. I haven't lost a cherry to them since. No losses to crows in the apricot crop either. Thank you once again.

Richard Harrison in Pomonal, Vic. Australia

It works! Haven't had a lorikeet around the stonefruit for over two weeks I'm beginning to feel sorry for them (someone shoot me!).

John Box - Growers Of Lychee & Exotic Fruits, Goombooriam, Qld, Australia

We installed our first Bird Gard in 1992 and the immediate effect was so good that two days later we rang and ordered another one.

V. Dimond - Mango & Grape Growers - Charters Towers, Qld, Australia
Battery Snake & Rat Deterrent


Although snakes rarely lie in wait for people and usually try to escape contact, certain situatio..

AVA Sonic Fence

  The AVA Sonic Fence emits the oldest sound in Bird Gard's bird control arsenal. This s..

Based on 5 reviews.

Bird & Bat Control (BBC)

The Bird & Bat Control (BBC) is best known as a starling repeller. It does an excellent job i..

Based on 8 reviews.

Bird Gard Kite

Our Bird Gard Kite is a Bird of Prey Kite or a Raptor Kite. It is an actual Kite that is a very l..

Based on 20 reviews.

Bird Repellent Eyes


The amazing Bird Repellent Eyes have proven to be successful at repelling Crows, Indian Mynas, Pi..

Based on 28 reviews.

Bird Scarer


It's summer and you have worked hard to cultivate your garden.  Now it’s blooming with trees..

Based on 33 reviews.

Bird X 20 - Sonic Fence

Bird X 20 - Sonic Fence is is one of the most powerful Electronic Bird Deterrent Systems availabl..

Based on 7 reviews.

Crop Gard - Crop Protection

The Crop Gard is the first of a new series of bird repelling sound units which use a combination ..

Based on 9 reviews.

Crow Repeller


"Cwark, Cwark, Arrrgh, Arrrgh". If you know what that sound is you are reading the right page. Te..

Eagle Kite - Bird Scarer

Is it an Eagle or a kite? It looks so real, its hard to tell, maybe that's why it works so we..

Based on 61 reviews.

Electronic Scarecrow

The Electronic Scarecrow sound was itroduced in 1996. It's an intrusive high pitched siren type s..

Based on 10 reviews.

Holographic Tape for Repelling Birds


Holographic Tape is a silent, inexpensive product to repel birds. Each role is 30 metre..

Based on 18 reviews.

Mobile Multi-Blaster - Bird Control

Multi-Blaster, is a 4 way speaker system. It's run by 2 sound generators, thereby outputting 2 di..

Based on 6 reviews.

Pro Amp

The Pro Amp The Pro Amp is Bird Gard's largest and most powerful stand alone device.  It..

Pro Plus 4

The Pro Plus 4 was designed with the silver-eye as the prime target, but has also proved effectiv..

Silver-Eyes (Wax-eyes) Scarer

$1,669.90 $999.00

The Silver-Eyes (Wax-eyes) Scarer was developed specifically to control Silver Eyes (also know as..

Based on 10 reviews.

Starling Repeller


The Starling Repeller is intended to defend smaller areas such as back yards, carports, ceiling s..

Based on 11 reviews.

Super Pro Bird Scarer

The Super Pro is a versatile weatherproof device that can be used in Vineyards, Orchards, Airport..

Based on 10 reviews.

Super Pro X - Bird Control

This latest bird control technology in the Bird Gard line is a result of over five years experime..

Based on 12 reviews.

Weatherproof Outdoor 12V Battery Timer


To allow you to have greater flexibility operating your Bird Gard or any other 12v device, buy a ..