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Marina & Offshore

Bird Gard has a wide range of Marina & Offshore bird scarers and bird control products. Our marine bird control products are used to defend boats, yachts, fish farms, docks, harbours, marinas and other coastal and offshore infrastructure, just about anywhere there is a marine bird problem.

Most of our products can be hooked up to a 12V battery so you can use them on boats & yachts etc where 240 power isn’t available. Below is a list of our Marina & Offshore bird scarers to repel Seagulls, Cormorants, Terns, Swallows and other birds.

The boats around us have thanked us for solving their problem too as well, so it obviously it works over quite a large area. So yep very happy with it and I would think you will get more enquiries as plenty of people have asked where it came from.

Steve Fitzmaurice in Clareville, NSW

I have been distraught and enraged by gulls and shags roosting on my boat. I have tried absolutely everything to control the rotten birds to no avail. I am most happy to report that after installing the unit no gull or shag will venture within fifty metres of my boat.

Bird Gard Kite

Our Bird Gard Kite is a Bird of Prey Kite or a Raptor Kite. It is an actual Kite that is a very l..

Based on 20 reviews.

Bird Gard Laser Gun

The Bird Gard Laser is a hand-held manually operated Bird Laser deterrent that has been specifica..

Based on 52 reviews.

Bird Repellent Eyes


The amazing Bird Repellent Eyes have proven to be successful at repelling Crows, Indian Mynas, Pi..

Based on 28 reviews.

Eagle Kite - Bird Scarer

Is it an Eagle or a kite? It looks so real, its hard to tell, maybe that's why it works so we..

Based on 61 reviews.

L100 Portable Bird Repeller

The L100 Portable Bird Repeller is a lightweight, portable acoustic pest control system. You ..

Pro Amp

The Pro Amp The Pro Amp is Bird Gard's largest and most powerful stand alone device.  It..

Seagull & Duck Scarer


Over the years we've had numerous requests for a small unit to repel sea birds like Seagulls,..

Based on 19 reviews.

Super Pro Bird Scarer

The Super Pro is a versatile weatherproof device that can be used in Vineyards, Orchards, Airport..

Based on 10 reviews.

Super Pro X - Bird Control

This latest bird control technology in the Bird Gard line is a result of over five years experime..

Based on 12 reviews.

Weatherproof Outdoor 12V Battery Timer


To allow you to have greater flexibility operating your Bird Gard or any other 12v device, buy a ..