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From a wildlife management perspective the mining industry is unique, as no other industry has such a diverse range of bird and animal problem scenarios. On our website we have defined bird and animal control into eight separate industry categories, for example Viticulture, Home and Garden and Mining etc. Unlike these other industries, mining infrastructure and staff can be at risk to birds and animals 24/7, 12 months of the year. Once a good food source, shelter or other attraction is found, birds and animals will simply remain permanently, attracting more of their kind in the process. As unlimited shooting is rarely permitted or desired and netting is costly and inconvenient, what can you do?

For most mine sites, birds and tailings dams won’t be the major issue. It is birds, such as Pigeons inside plant buildings, Swallows in workshops, birds and Kangaroos around camp sites, Corellas creating havoc, and every conceivable bird and animal at your mining aerodrome. Should you have any bird or animal control problem other than tailings dams do see our Commercial and Industrial Buildings, Aviation, Home and Garden, and Marina & Offshore pages.

Rehabilitation of the land and the protection of native species go hand in hand with mining. It can be somewhat unexpected and inconvenient when the local fauna thwarts your every attempt at re generating the local flora. Bird Gard can help you with this.

Just like reservoirs, wetlands, aquaculture, and even rice growing, mining tailing dams can have a bird and animal wildlife problem. Bird Gard uses three principal products to repel birds from mining tailings dams:

The L100 portable bird scarer and the Pro Amp device use a variety of sound technologies such as bird alarm and distress calls, and Bird Gard’s unique harassment sounds and other natural and man made sounds which successfully remove pest birds.

The Bird Gard Laser and in particular the G75 version can repel birds up to 2000 metres away. The mobile L100 device can repel birds from large areas with controlled bursts of sound. The Pro Amp defends 10, 20, or even a 30 acre circular area during daylight and potentially greater ranges at night. The Pro Amp is deemed standard equipment to defend tailings dams.

Contact Bird Gard for an appraisal of your mining wildlife management, bird and animal control issue.

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