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Ultrasonic Swallow Repeller

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This Product Repels: Swallows, Pigeons

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The Ultrasonic Swallow Repeller provides a dynamic environment of changing conditions with its use of variables, such as frequency mode selections and speaker rotations at varying speeds.

Swallows are a rare exception in the bird world because they can be repelled using ultrasonics. Very few bird species (owls being another) can hear into the ultrasonic range. The Ultrasonic Swallow Repeller is designed for indoor or undercover usage and can be used in close proximity to people without causing any disturbance. The Ultrasonic Swallow Repeller effectiveness on swallows is consistently good.

Brand: Bird Gard
Product Code: USR1
Availability: In Stock
Dimension 30.5cm L x 30.5cm W x 10.5cm H
Weight 2.26 kg
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