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Vermin-X - Ultrasonic & Sonic Pest Control System

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This Product Repels: Kangaroos, Wallabies, Possums, Rats, Mice

The Vermin-X is a transonic device (combination of ultrasonics and sonics) specifically designed for the control of small mammals, although it seems to work well on kangaroos & Wallabies also. The Vermin-X is scientifically proven* to repels pests by using a range of varying high frequencies which rapidly modulate (jumping up an down the frequency range) causing a barrage of uncomfortable sounds which pests can't adapt to.

A small master control unit sends out frequencies via attached speakers (up to 30m apart). Up to six speakers (the unit comes with four as standard) can be attached daisy-chain style to stretch out over 100 metres, ideal for running around perimeters of gardens, warehouses, food stores, bakeries, silos etc.

VerminX can be run off either a standard 240 volt outlet or a 12v battery if a power source is unavailable.

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Brand: Bird Gard
Product Code: V-X1
Availability: In Stock
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