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Australian Snake Bites: Good News, Scary News

Some 20 of the 25 of the world’s most venomous snakes reside in Australia. The first of its kind in...

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Possums, mosquitos and a growing instance of ulcers

Once again, the innocent-looking possum is the prime suspect: In the past five years, instances of a...

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Pet Products

Bird Feeder with a Clear View


This Acrylic Clear View Window Bird Feeder makes bird watching easy, clean and safe. Along with b..

Bird Feeder with One-Way Mirror Window


Bird feeders can be a lot of work – they need to be cleaned, maintained, with the seeds changed r..

Bird Gard Flying Disk Dog Toy


How many times have you taken your dog out to play, only to have the toy becomes lost in the wood..

Car Seat Cover for Pets


While dogs and kids are great, they can wreak havoc on the interior of your car, kids spreading f..

Cat Litter Mat to Catch-All Spills


Cats can create quite a mess in their cat litter area.  Even the most high-quality cat litte..

Clear View Window Bird Feeder


This acrylic "bird house" combines the aesthetics of a traditional bird feeder with the modern co..

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Foldable Pet Stroller


The Bird Gard Foldable Pet Stroller presents a safe, versatile and enjoyable alternative to trave..

Hanging Gazebo Bird Feeder


While some bird feeders may be aesthetically pleasing to humans, they might not be "for the birds..

Locking Pet Door (Cat flap & Dog flap)


The decision to purchase a pet door seems fraught with pitfalls.  What if it serves as entry..

Paw Shaped Cat Litter Mat


Let’s face it:  Cats can create quite a mess when it comes to their litter area. Even the mo..

Pet Carrier Bag


It’s a “go” with the Soft-Sided Pet Carrier Bag. This malleable but sturdy carrier allows you to ..

Wide Clear View Window Bird Feeder


With three heavy-duty suction cups for a nonintrusive, up-close view and a much larger area for b..