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Bird Feeder with a Clear View

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This Acrylic Clear View Window Bird Feeder makes bird watching easy, clean and safe. Along with being small in size, this transparent, attractive feeder is durable and secured to glass windows by two heavy duty suction cups for a nonintrusive, up-close view.  This keeps feeding birds up high and protects them, along with being less of a magnet for critters who tend to gravitate towards larger, free-standing feeders. The clear roof keeps seeds dry, preventing potentially harmful rot and mildew.

Along with helping our feathered friends and providing a relaxing, educational experience for humans of all ages, the bird feeder holds up to all kinds of weather and is very easy to clean and fill.  The seed levels are visible to both you and the birds; making it simple to mix certain types of feed to attract a variety of species.  Soon you may develop a clientele of birds and they will bring their offspring, knowing that they have a safe spot where they can eat in peace.

Great for offices, dormitories, schools, apartments and anywhere people like to watch birds and birds like to eat!

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Brand: Bird Gard
Product Code: BGBF
Availability: Out Of Stock
Dimension 14cm L x 15cm H x 10cm D
Weight 220g
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