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Bird Feeder with One-Way Mirror Window

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Bird feeders can be a lot of work – they need to be cleaned, maintained, with the seeds changed regularly to avoid potentially harmful mildew and rot.  Bird feeders can also breed diseases and attract predators, both winged and earthbound, along with creating a mess. There’s always the chance that the birds may fly into the glass, resulting in injury or casualties.  Plus if they see you watching them, they may not come at all. 

Thanks to the one-way mirror in which you can observe the birds but they can’t see in, the Bird Feeder with a one-way mirror wndow not only prevents accidental birdicide but also allows for uninterrupted up close and personal viewing. Along with being very easy to clean and fill, this transparent, attractive feeder is durable and secured to glass windows by two heavy duty suction cups.  This keeps feeding birds up high and safe, making them less of a magnet for predators who tend to gravitate towards larger, free-standing feeders. The clear roof keeps seeds dry year-round, and the feeder itself holds up to all kinds of weather.

Two clear columns not only make seed levels visible to all parties concerned, but allows for mixing and matching various types to of feed to attract a variety of species.  This can provide endless hours of relaxation and fun for both you and the kids as you learn about and identify different types of birds.

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Brand: Bird Gard
Product Code: BFOWMW
Availability: Out Of Stock
Dimension 30cm L x 17cm H x 9cm W
Weight 540g
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