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Cat Litter Mat to Catch-All Spills

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Cats can create quite a mess in their cat litter area.  Even the most high-quality cat litter can end up all over your carpet and floors. The litter from their fur scatters everywhere as they stride through their kingdom, also known as your house.  Unlike smaller mats which may trap only part of the litter, at 90 x 60 x 0.75 cm, the Catch-All Cat Litter Mat covers the whole terrain underneath the box.  Not only does this keep your house clean and cat litter-free but it’s good for kitty as well, soft on it's paws and made with closed-pore PVC material, free of harmful elements such as phthalates and vinyl chloride. Designed to resist moisture absorption, it also prevents the growth of mildew and eliminates odours.

Here’s how it works: The serrated mat’s small indentations catch and hold litter.  An outer channel around the mat serves to trap any leftover bits that may fall from it's paws or fur. And it’s durable, designed to prevent sliding so it stays put.  The mat fits easily in both large and small spaces, including closets and tiny bathrooms.  Unlike other cat litter mats that trap litter under carpet fibres, making cleaning difficult, This Cat Litterbox Mat offers multiple options not available in other mats. You can sweep it, use a hand-held vacuum cleaner or attachment, or wipe it down with a damp sponge or cloth.  Any clean litter can be poured back into the little box.

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Product Code: CLM01
Availability: In Stock
Dimension 90cm x 60cm
Weight 1.18kg
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