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Pet Carrier Bag (Airline Approved)

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It’s a “go” with the Bird Gard Soft-Sided Pet Carrier Bag.  Approved for car, bus, ferry, plane and train travel, this malleable but sturdy carrier allows you to take your dog, cat, rabbit and any other small animal anywhere with ease and style.  While hard plastic carriers may seem sturdier and simple to clean, with wire bars that can deter the most “dogged” chewers/clawers in their attempts to escape, nothing beats the comfort and convenience of a soft-sided carrier. (Animals with anxiety issues may need a highly secure carrier anyway). Not only will your pet have the reassurance of knowing you are right there, as the carrier has straps that can either be held or worn close to the body, but the mesh panels provide ample ventilation and visibility no matter what the mode of travel. Your pet will be able to see you from the top and sides, keeping them calm during your trip.    

The carrier holds up to 16 pounds, with a steel wire frame that conforms to tight spaces, such as under the seat on the airplane. Standard carry-on baggage restrictions must be followed, which may include flights of less of six hours and usually allow only dogs or cats. Each airline has its own particular rules regarding pet travel, so check with them before purchasing a ticket.  

Regardless of mode of travel, make sure the animal can stand up, turn around and lie down naturally in the carrier.  That way, both of you will have a safe and enjoyable trip!

Brand: Bird Gard
Product Code: BGPCB
Availability: In Stock
Dimension 40cm L x 28cm H x 27cm W
Weight 920g
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