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Seagull & Duck Scarer

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This Product Repels: Seagulls, Ducks, Cormorants, Terns

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Over the years we've had numerous requests for a small unit to repel sea birds like Seagulls, Ducks, Cormorants from moored boats, jetties and marinas. We now have such a device for the job. It's a junior version of our Super Pro X. The Bird Gard - Seagull & Duck Scarer is a small compact, "all-in-one" bird scarer. Measuring just 22 x 10 x 14 cm which includes all electronics and speaker. The Bird Gard - Seagull & Duck Scarer has a digitalized recording of four different species of sea bird plus a peregrine falcon. Many species of water birds (ducks, seagulls, cormorants) have been repelled even when the distress cry they hear is not from one of their own species. They still associate the distress cry with imminent danger. So a combination of different species distress calls has proved to be extremely effective at deterring pest birds.

The falcon call is an add-on to let the birds think there is an aerial hunter up above.

The Bird Gard - Seagull & Duck Scarer is a 12 volt unit which will run off either a standard 12v battery or 240 volt mains (using an adapter).

An added feature is the capacity to plug in an extension speaker with 30m of cable so the actual sound can be projected from another spot remote from the actual control unit if required. An example would be having the control unit indoors, say in a pump shed using the 240 volt power outlet and running the remote speaker outside to the swimming pool where ducks are a problem. This negates having to purchase a 12 volt battery. (The remote speaker is not included with the standard Bird Gard - Seagull & Duck Scarer unit as in most cases it is not required).

The Bird Gard - Seagull & Duck Scarer can be programmed for a variety of conditions. It can be set for either day, night or 24 hour operation. It can play the sounds very frequently or just a couple of times an hour - and anything in between - depending on what the circumstances require. It can also run on a totally random program, which cannot be predicted or anticipated by the birds. We recommend the random mode for best results.

Brand: Bird Gard
Product Code: bgmp
Availability: In Stock
Dimension 21cm H x 15cm W x 11cm D
Weight 800g
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