About us

Bird Gard Australia was founded in the early 90’s initially to repel birds and flying foxes from his own fruit tree crops.

The results were so effective that wildlife authorities recommended that the Bird Gard systems be commercially produced.

Bird Gard Australia is now the leader in non-lethal and proven effective bird control, ranging from crops and viticulture to urban and commercial/industrial buildings.

We specialised in removing Australian and New Zealand birds from all environments. Bird Gard has developed several unique sounds which have revolutionised acoustic bird control. Our technology has been developed and trialed and is now being used throughout AustraliaNew ZealandUSAAsiaIndia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

Research and development of new products is ongoing (See Products). Generally we don’t use traditional bird distress (bio-acoustic) calls, as do other bird repellant companies. Our acoustics are totally unnatural, and affects bird’s communication and sensory systems which causes a ‘non-harmful no-go zone‘. It is non-lethal for birds and wildlife.

We have financed our own research and development .Field testing has been undertaken by commercial customers. Independant Scientific researchers have used and tested many of our products and proven their effectiveness

There is a significant cost saving when using Bird Gard products indoors or outdoors in comparison to netting and other lethal forms of bird control.