About us

Discover BirdGard Australia: Born in the 90s out of a mission to safeguard fruit trees from birds and flying foxes, our innovative solutions garnered such remarkable success that wildlife authorities urged commercial production. Pioneers of Non-Lethal Bird Control: today, BirdGard Australia is a trailblazer in non-lethal, highly effective bird control solutions. From safeguarding crops and vineyards to urban and industrial spaces, we have mastered the art of relocating Australian, New Zealand and global birds from diverse environments.

The Symphony of Innovation: Our breakthrough acoustic bird control employs unique, specially crafted sounds that have revolutionised the industry. Developed and trialed extensively, this technology has transcended borders, spanning Australia, New Zealand, USA, Asia, India, Middle East, Europe, and Africa.

🔬 Innovation Never Sleeps: At BirdGard, innovation is our heartbeat. Continuous research and development drive us forward, with a focus on creating new products that transcend traditional methods. Unlike others, we eschew conventional bird distress calls, employing acoustics that disrupt avian communication and sensory systems, creating safe and non-harmful no-go zones.

🌿 Ethical and Sustainable: Our ethos revolves around preserving wildlife and biodiversity. Our acoustics are non-lethal, ensuring the well-being of birds and wildlife while effectively solving bird-related challenges. Field testing, independent scientific research, and testimonials, reviews validate the effectiveness of our products.

💰 Cost-Effective Solutions: Choose BirdGard for substantial savings compared to netting and other lethal bird control methods. Whether indoors or outdoors, our products offer a budget-friendly alternative without compromising on efficacy.

Discover the BirdGard difference today and join us in preserving harmony between humans and wildlife to coexist and share our space.