Australias #1 Selling Bird Deterrents & Pest Control Systems

Since the late eighties, Bird Gard has trialed, developed and researched electronic bird deterrents and other pest control systems to repel unwanted birds, vermin, and other wildlife without harming them.  All Bird Gard products are non-harmful, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and humane.

Bird Gard is a professional bird and pest control company with the sole purpose of providing the best possible product to suit your particular bird, vermin or wildlife problem.

Bird Gard specialises in the use of ultrasonic, sonic, visual and laser technology in our pest and bird control products. 

You can now buy Australias #1 selling ultrasonic Possum Deterrent online.

We have spent years designing and developing and experimenting with sonic and ultrasonic microchip technology and we now have a worldwide reputation for unique, versatile pest control products for most situations.

With over 10,000 customers in Australia and New Zealand alone, Bird Gard is the only electronic bird and pest control company with the knowledge, the experience, and the products to suit your bird or pest problem.

Bird Gard specialises in pest control products for:

All Bird Gard products are designed to be 'do-it-yourself' and are easy to install and operate.  We are always available on the phone should you need assistance.

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