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Unlike other snake repellers that emit the same monotonous sound, the Bird Gard snake repeller emits two distinctly different vibrations which travel through the ground.

1 - 3 $48.99
4 - 7 $47.30
8 - 15 $45.10
16+ $42.90

When I was a kid, we all knew that when we walked through the paddock with the long grass we had to stamp our feet to scare the snakes away.

And that’s how our 3rd generation Solar Snake Repeller v3 works, it simulates something larger and possibly more dangerous that could attack the snakes. Most poisonous or venomous snakes, when confronted with danger, prefer to retreat rather than attack.

Unlike other snake repellers that emit the same monotonous sound, the Bird Gard snake repeller emits two distinctly different vibrations which travel through the ground. These vibrations are emitted in a totally random and chaotic manner and that’s the point, this can take the snakes by surprise. See the last product photo above for the 5 day cycle of different vibrations.

Many other snake repellers on the market aren’t actually weatherproof, I know, why would anyone sell a snake repeller designed for outdoor use which isn’t weatherproof?

Excellent product, does not stop working even after extending periods of rain (compared to cheaper, less well-crafted products) Jamie – Sydney

As standard, the snake repeller has a replaceable and rechargeable battery (unlike cheaper alternatives), and the built-in solar panel will keep the batteries recharged throughout the summer.

What most other websites don’t tell you is to make a vibration, snake repellers must make a noise. Ours is quieter than most but the trick is to bury the shaft deep in the earth and compact the dirt around it. This will significantly reduce the sound you can hear and make the snake repellers more effective. I have two snake repellers 10 metres from my bedroom window and they don’t bother me.

To rid your garden of snakes you should always use two Solar Snake Repellers in tandem and install them no more than 25 metres apart. The maximum coverage area of one solar snake repeller is a 30-metre diameter circle.

Some customers will use the snake repellers around the home and install them near the clothesline, play areas and the immediate garden. Others on acreage will expand on that and install them along their property boundary or creek lines as well. If you have vermin as well (food source for snakes) the snake repeller will help in deterring underground critters but do look at our other devices for repelling rats and mice on the surface.  Getting rid of rats and mice will reduce the risk of having venomous snakes in your garden.

Solar Snake Repeller v3 Features:

  • 1 Year Warranty (Batteries Excluded)
  • 30 day Money Back Product Guarantee
  • Solar Panel for charging the Battery
  • Replaceable Battery
  • Weatherproof (IP 44)
  • Two random vibration modes
  • Quieter, insulated motors

5 Top tips for repelling snakes:

  1. Before installation, give the snake repeller 2 days out in the sun to fully charge up the batteries before you turn them on. This ensures your batteries don’t go flat at night or during periods of overcast weather.
  2. As a further precaution do what you can to make the area around your home less attractive to snakes, so do keep the grass down and clean up any junk piles etc that snakes might use as cover.
  3. Bury the shaft of the Solar Snake Repeller reduces the noise this will improve the performance of the product as well.
  4. Use at least two snake repellers space no more than 25 metres apart.
  5. Install the snake repellers near places of frequent activity for example: clothesline, BBQ area & play areas.

Learn more about Australia’s top 15 most venomous snakes.

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