Solar Powered Possum Repeller

$179.00 Inc. GST

No power cords needed with this Possum Repeller. Just install and point the solar panel to the north and away you go!

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The ultrasonic Solar Possum Repeller is Bird Gard’s latest addition in the battle against Possums.
Just like our Ultrasonic Possum Deterrent, the Solar Possum Repeller emits quiet ultrasonic frequencies that most people do not hear. The device operates from its built-in Motion Sensor, so it will emit the ultrasonics only when it detects movement such as a Possum or a Tree in the wind.

One unique feature is its ability to sync with other devices. This means if you have two or more Solar Possum Repellers, and any one of these devices detects a Possum, all the devices will automatically emit ultrasonics in support. So using more than one device is effective.
Being solar powered, the device does not need a 240 power point or a power cord. The solar panel keeps the internal batteries charged so it is best to use this device where at least some direct exposure to sunlight will occur.

The device comes supplied with a ground stake so you can easily install the device anywhere in your garden. If you need to get the device up higher there are some keyhole indentations on the back of the device that allow it to be hooked onto some screws or nails.

The device emits an array of frequencies that target a variety of problem animals. There are different settings to repel ‘Possums’, ‘Bats and Rodents’ or ‘Cats and Dogs’ and one setting that targets all animals.

The device is supplied programmed ready to repel Possums however it is easy to do yourself. Just point the dial where it says ‘Possums’ or at the ‘All Mentioned Animals’.  You can also activate the additional flashing Strobe Light by pointing the dial to ‘Flashing’ and use it as an additional deterrent against Possums.

The Motion Sensor has a maximum detection range of 8 metres and a detection angle of 110 degrees ( 70 – 80 sq metres ) in front of the device.  The maximum range against Possums is 8 metres however because of a greater spread of the ultrasonics the defended area is up to 200 sq metres.

Solar Possum Deterrent

Possum Deterrent

Price $179.00 + freight$169.50 + freight
Warranty12 months12 months
Money Back Guarantee60 days90 days
Weather ResistantYESYES
Ultrasonic Range10 metres (in front)14 metres (in front)
Ultrasonic EmissionsActivated by Motion Sensor onlyRandom and Intermittent or Motion Sensor
Motion SensorMax range 8 metresMax range 14 metres
Motion Sensor Detection Angle110 degrees120 degrees
ModesUse on Motion Sensor modeConstant, Constant Sweep and Sensor mode
Optional AlarmYESYES
Optional Strobe LightYESNO
Multiple Settings to Repel other PestsYESYES
Light SensorYES – best used on 24 hour modeYES
Device Sync with other DevicesYESNO
Solar PoweredYESNO
240 PowerNOYES
Power SourcesSolar Panel charges the AA rechargeable batteries.240 power via Adaptor, 12v Battery and ‘C’ type Batteries.
Batteries SuppliedYESNO
9v Power Cord LengthNO does not need one. 1.7 metres with 10 & 20 metre Extensions available.



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