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Crop Gard - Crop Protection

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This Product Repels: Blackbirds, Cockatoos, Crows, Currawongs, Galahs, Indian Mynas, Little Corellas, Musk Lorikeets, Scaly Breasted Lorikeets, Port Lincolns, 28 Parrots, Rosellas, Silver-Eyes, Starlings, Flying Fox, Wax-Eyes, White-Eyes, Grass Parrots, Wattlebirds

The Crop Gard is the first of a new series of bird repelling sound units which use a combination of several unique and distinct sounds.

Crop Gard can be factory fitted with a variety of different sound combinations.  The most commonly used is the specialised Crop Gard Harassment microchip that emits the following harassment sounds:

  • Electronic Scarecrow (ESC) designed for Australian birds,
  • Screech
  • Flower Fruit Scarer (FFS) designed for Australian and New Zealand birds.

Other microchips include straight out harassment, mixed harassment and bio acoustic bird sounds. These sounds are played in a non-sequential and random order with eight different 'time off' settings between emissions. We recommend the random order to present a more chaotic sound to the birds, which is harder to adapt to.

As with all Bird Gard sound generators, the Crop Gard is fully automatic. It has a light sensor that can be set with the flick of a switch to DAY, NIGHT, or 24-HOUR operation. There is no need to physically go and turn it on in the morning and off at night, it's automatic!

Crop Gard uses non-natural sounds which birds have not heard before, and actual bird distress, alarm and predator calls. The Crop Gard has 4 speaker output terminals that can be connected directly to a 4 way (360 degree) speaker and in some situations can also be used to run a sonic fence (a series of speakers 30m apart).  The sonic fence as it is known, is made up of as many as 8 speakers forming a wall of sound 200m long.

Due to the Crop Gard having several different sounds, it's like having several different individual sound units all placed in the one position and all working at once. This definitely produces a superior result and covers a greater range of bird pest species. When a grower has a large number of different bird species eating his crop, Crop Gard is the best choice.

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Brand: Bird Gard
Product Code: bgcc
Availability: In Stock
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