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No maintenance Snake Deterrent with a large solar panel that keeps the battery charged. Three small LED lights which automatically switch on at dusk.

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The Snake Deterrent with LED Lights is a redesign of our Solar Snake Repeller to include LED lights.

This device consists of three components:

  • the Battery
  • the Solar Powered Head with LED Lights
  • the Shaft that you bury into the ground

From its shaft, two different Multi Pulse Vibrations penetrate into the ground. These vibrations travel up to 15 metres all the way around the shaft through the ground to repel snakes. You should install the Snake Deterrents no more than 25 metres apart, and less in high snake pressure areas. It’s also important to remember that concrete blocks the vibrations.

Here’s what one of our customers has to say:

I can say that the Bird Gard ones [Snake Deterrent] are of way better design and reliability than the previous brands and models we used.  Those rarely lasted more than a couple months without needing fixing (wire soldering, battery terminal cleaning, moisture removal, etc) and they are all dead now”. 

The Snake Deterrent has all the same features as our Solar Snake Repeller:

  • 1 Year Warranty (Batteries Excluded)
  • 30 day Money Back Product Guarantee
  • Solar Panel for charging the Battery
  • Replaceable Battery
  • Weatherproof (IP 44)

The new LED Snake Deterrent includes:

  • A larger solar panel that keeps the internal rechargeable battery charged.
  • Three small LED lights that automatically come on at dusk and then turn off four hours later.
  • The lights rotate from one light to another and cycle one second per light.
  • An external battery case so you do not have to take the solar powered head apart to change the battery.
  • An On/Off push button – if you push the button once the device emits both vibrations in a complicated pattern. Push it twice and just the buzzer sound emits, three times just the motor (beep) sound emits, and four times and the device will turn off. See the emission pattern in the photos.
  • Instead of a five day pattern of sounds emitting, this Snake repeller has a three day pattern. You can also choose to disengage the motor (beep) sound or the buzzer sound.

The 5 most commonly asked questions:

1) How to install: The hard part about snake repellers is you have to dig a hole. We recommend the shaft be buried approx. 21 cm into the ground. Compact the soil around the shaft to ensure you get the best vibration into the ground. Hard soil equals the best range. If you have very heavy rain do ensure that the water level does not go over the top of the shaft where it meets the solar powered head.
2) How long do the batteries last: That depends on how much sun the solar panel receives. On days when the sky is totally overcast and the sun does not shine, the solar panel will not work well. Should the solar panel receive no sun the batteries will last for 5 to 6 days. You will need to disconnect the solar panel from the shaft that goes into the ground for 2 days to recharge the battery. The batteries are Ni-MH AA 800mAH 1.2v
3) Is the 30 day guarantee real: Absolutely!  If for any reason during the 30 day period you want to return the Snake Deterrents, return them in reasonable condition and the product purchase price will be refunded.
4) Does it work on all snakes: While some customers do say our snake deterrents repel Pythons, we do not claim that they can. Pythons spend a lot of their time in trees where the snake deterrents cannot touch them.
5) Does the type of ground matter: Yes. The snake deterrents should never be installed in water logged ground, and do not let them be submerged. They work best in solid hard ground where the vibrations will travel easily through the ground. If you have very sandy soil this will decrease the effect so put the snake deterrents 15 metres apart instead of up to 25 metres apart.


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