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Crow Repeller

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This Product Repels: Crows

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"Cwark, Cwark, Arrrgh, Arrrgh". If you know what that sound is you are reading the right page. Ten to fifteen years ago you rarely saw Crows and Ravens in many cities and towns but all over the world Crows have learnt that where people live, is a good place for them as well. With ample and easy food sources available to them they have moved in and colonised our suburbs. For most people it’s the persistent Crow calls that are clearly audible from 100 metres away that bother them the most. If you stop and listen you will hear them calling out for each other, and you can hear their mates calling back to them. Crows either live in a clan or tight knit family group and can be quite territorial . Other Crows especially young males set out into the world each year and roam around until they too settle down somewhere, like the tree next to your house. For others Crows raiding chook pens, cartons of food stuffs, attacking young animals and even pinching wiper blades, fly screens and clothes hangers are a greater concern.

Over the last 20 years we have done much research into different sounds to repel these birds. In Agriculture we use man made harassment sounds but they are annoying for people as well. In towns and cities or where people are close we use actual birds sounds. We have found that Crow distress calls that are used by some companies can actually attract Crows so we don’t use them. However a distress call of a large Gull has been very successful as well as the actual Crow call for “danger". Further more we believe that crows have the mental ability to count up to four, and for this reason we always use up to 5 different bird sounds in a non sequential and random manner to keep the Crows confused and to minimise their ability to learn about the device.

When repelling Crows you don’t have to over play the sound too often, you use the extra long mode which has a gap or random time off period between emission of up to 30 minutes.

The Crow Repeller comes with a 240 adapter or a 12v battery jack and is simple to install and operate. Just install the device as close as you can to the problem area and point the one built-in speaker at the Crows. An optional external speaker with a 30 metre cable can plug into the device to double the area protected or to go around a corner.

Product Code: CR1
Availability: In Stock
Dimension 21cm H x 15cm W x 11cm D
Weight 800g
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