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Pro Amp

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The Pro Amp

The Pro Amp is Bird Gard's largest and most powerful stand alone device.  It does the job of several smaller devices.  Thanks to the flexibility of push-in, easily replacable microchip sound chips, the Pro Amp is able to control many different species of birds.  There are over 70 of these sound chips available and each one has 8 to 16 different sounds devised to repel the bird species of your choice. The Pro Amp can be simply pole mounted as a static defence or fitted onto a trailer to make it highly mobile.

With one large 360o speaker the Pro Amp defends a circular area in nil wind.  The effective coverage area does vary due to terrain, wind, bird type and the local environement etc. Ranges of 20 to 30 acres are common and we recall a freak high where one Pro Amp on its own defended 60 acres in a vineyard against Starlings.  The device comes complete with one sound generator, 2 sound chips, 1 large 360o speaker, 1 x 40watt solar panel with all necessary cables and mounting bracket.

The Pro Amp is used in Agriculture, Airports, Horticulture, Biticultrue, Marine Applications and Landfills.

You can setup the Pro Amp to function: day, night, or 24 hour operation, short, medium or long time-off periods and random or non-random sound sequences.

  • Once the Pro Amp is up and running, it can provide 24 hour protection for your crop.
  • A light sensor operates the unit during daylight or night time or both
  • The unit should always be run at maximum volume
  • Hearing protection should be used when operating the unit.
  • The battery (if using the 12v model) must never be allowed to become flat.
  • A spare battery is recommended.
  • A deep cycle battery in excess of 100amps is recommended.
  • If in any doubt regarding any area of operation, contact Bird Gard for advice.

Solar Panel

The solar panel will trickle charge battery and will lessen the number of times it will require recharging.

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