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Super Pro X - Bird Control

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This Product Repels: Blackbirds, Cormorants, Crows, Currawongs, Leatherheads, Red Wattlebirds, Silver-Eyes, Sparrows, Starlings

This latest bird control technology in the Bird Gard line is a result of over five years experimentation and field trials.

In some situations and localities we've found a certain bird distress call works wonders on removing (for example) seagulls. Yet in another part of the country, perhaps due to different local experiences, the seagulls react better to a different distress call. Of course if the seagulls can be subjected to both these calls - even better.

The Super Pro X can play a variety of different distress calls (and predator calls) in a large variety of formats. Eight different calls can be played - each call will also be played in five different variations, giving the impression a larger number of individual birds are actually involved.

You can upgrade the Super Pro X as micro chip can replaced with another veriety of sounds in just seconds - making it effective against a whole new variety of bird species, if required. (By replacing the chip with our Harassment chip for example, the unit is capable of controlling birds such as crows, starlings, cockatoos, silver-eyes etc.) In aquaculture where a variety of diving and wading predators are a problem, you can upgrade to the marine chip.

In most situations the Super Pro X would be used with a 360° (4 way) speaker. In situations of strongly habituated long term resident birds, we recommend the additional use of the Bird Gard Laser. This hand held, silent, non harmful device will chase away birds at ranges up to and exceeding 600m.

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Brand: Bird Gard
Product Code: SPX1
Availability: In Stock
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