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Electronic Mouse & Bat Repeller

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This Product Repels: Mice, Bats, Micro Bats

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The Mouse and Bat Repeller uses 1, 2 or 4 external weatherproof speakers all with 30 metres of cable.

Two speakers can be plugged into the back of the device and then installed up to 30 metres away. Two additional speakers can then be plugged into those first speakers 'daisy chain' style, ie 1 extra speaker plugged into both of the speakers that are plugged into the device. In theory this allows the last 2 speakers to be installed up to 60 metres away from the device.

This is a big advantage when repelling Micro Bats.

The Mouse and Bat Repeller device is not weatherproof so it needs to be installed undercover. The device is 12v and can be supplied with either a 12v battery jack with alligator clamps that can be attached to a 12v battery OR a 240 adapter that plugs into a normal 240 house power point.  

1x Mouse and Bat Repeller with 4 speakers is the equivalent of 2x CEX devices with external speakers ($795.95)

Before you purchase, identify the likely entry points the Micro Bats are using to get into your roof, the concentration of guano and/or urine stains is a guide to their entry points.  Most entry points will require 1 speaker, however some entry points may need 2 or 4 speakers.

Brand: Bird Gard
Product Code: EMBR
Availability: In Stock
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