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The CEX Ultrasonic Pest Control device is designed specifically to repel animals such as mice, rats, possums, rabbits, bats and wallabies. The CEX ultrasonic pest control device works on roaches and garden lizards too. Ideally suited for domestic usage. Its tested and proven to keep pest mammals away.

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CEX Ultrasonic Pest Control

Introducing CEX Ultrasonic Rodent Control: An Effective and Humane Pest Repellent.

CEX Ultrasonic Pest Control device is designed specifically to control pests such as Mice, Rats, Possums, Rabbits, bats and Wallabies from houses, aviaries, food stores, warehouses and gardens.

Electronic pest control:

A harmless and successful method to keep pests at bay

Advanced Technology:

  • The CEX Ultrasonic Pest Control utilizes cutting-edge ultrasonic technology to effectively repel pests without the need for harmful chemicals or traps.
  • The CEX Ultrasonic Pest Control device emits a range of sound frequencies from sonic (which people can hear) right up to ultrasonic (which the pests hear but humans cannot).
  • The device has a series of settings depending on the pests being controlled. Larger animals such as possums, rabbits or wallabies are better controlled using a Medium or Loud setting which emits both types of frequencies (transonic). 3000 Hz to 40,000 Hz
  • The sounds projected from the CEX Ultrasonic pest control devices inbuilt speaker are effective up to approximately 25m (sometimes more).
  • An additional remote speaker (an optional extra) can be plugged into the CEX. Thereby effectively creating two machines and doubling the area covered. The speaker can be placed up to 30m away from the base unit.
  • The speaker can be placed up to 30m away from the base unit.
  • As the ultra-sonic frequencies do not penetrate or go around solid objects (like walls or very dense shrubs) it is important to try to place the unit and speakers in a position to give a clear field of view of the area requiring protection.
  • To best understand the properties of the ultrasonics, think of a torch beam, solid objects in the torch’s light create shadows.
  • Likewise with ultrasonics, solid objects create a “sound shadow” and the effects are greatly reduced in the area behind the solid object.

Easy Setup: Setting up the CEX Ultrasonic Pest Control is a breeze. Simply plug it into a standard electrical outlet, and it starts emitting ultrasonic waves to deter pests.

Always try to place the CEX Ultrasonic Pest Control (and speaker if applicable) at the same level as the animal you wish to repel i.e., for Rabbits approximately 5cm off the ground, Wallabies perhaps 30cm off the ground, Rats and Mice – on the ground.

Does the ultrasonic pest Repeller really work? The CEX Ultrasonic Pest Control device also keeps household pests such as lizards and cockroaches’ as well. The device is ideal for homes and gardens.

The CEX, is a 12v unit and comes with a 12v/240v adaptor so it can be operated off a standard 240v power outlet.

If, however, you need to place the unit in a remote area a 12v battery connector can be supplied instead of the adaptor and the unit can run off a 12-volt battery.  The device comes with a 2-meter power lead.

Questions that come to mind:

What are the side effects of ultrasonic pest Repeller?  None what so ever.

How to know if ultrasonic pest repeller is working ? You will see house lizards disappear and rat infestation will reduce.

Does the ultrasonic pest Repeller really work? Yes!! and it is a proven product. Beware the fraudulent ones floating around.

High-frequency pest control. Does ultrasonic pest control work on roaches? Yes!! It works wonderfully on roaches and garden lizards too.

Where to place ultrasonic pest repeller ? a few inches off the ground if you are chasing rodents away. a foot off the ground if you are repelling other pests.

Safe for Humans and Pets: The CEX Pest Control operates without the use of chemicals or traps, making it a safe option for households with children and pets. It offers peace of mind while effectively repelling pests.

Odorless and Noiseless: Unlike traditional pest control methods, the CEX Ultrasonic Pest Control is odorless and noiseless, providing a discreet solution that does not interfere with your daily activities.

Scientific Solution

Independent laboratory testing has proven that the Bio Cenotic Project #WE1-98009 technologies to be a highly effective form of pest control.

  • Effectively repels many insects, spiders, bats, fleas, ticks, mice & small mammals
  • Powerful heavy-duty design
  • User friendly, adjustable controls to target specific pests
  • Safe to use around pets, infants & small children
  • Economical to run
  • Maintenance free, quality electronics
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
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