Pro Plus X

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Pro Plus X provides a humane and effective method using sonic and ultrasonic sounds to keep pest birds such as Pigeons at bay. The device gives you flexibility in deployment with the use of all weather speaker system and facilitates greater areas of coverage depending on use of 2 or 4 speakers.

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Pro Plus X

The new Pro Plus X is an effective bird repeller that works on Pigeon as well now in the market and it comes with a 30 day Money Back Guarantee.

The Pro Plus X has ultrasonic frequencies plus a sonic (audible) Sound Generator which produce non-natural harassment sounds plus some bio-acoustic predator and distress calls of actual Birds.

The device can be used with either two or four speakers – the ultrasonic and sonic frequencies cycle through all the  speakers.

The Pro Plus X plays Ultrasonic frequencies  24/7 whereas the sonic sounds can be programmed to suit your individual circumstances. Each speaker is independent and comes with 30 metres of cable.

For larger areas we strongly recommend the use of multiple devices to be used in conjunction.

How it works

The Pro Plus X targets the sound perception of the birds. The device uses the concept of the natural survival instincts of birds to effectively get rid of them.

The Pro Plus X emits natural bird call recordings of distressed, harassed and alarmed birds, along with the attack sounds made by their natural predators such as Hawks, Eagles and Falcons which are broadcast through high-fidelity weather-resistant speakers.

This triggers a primal fear and the flee response from the birds. The pest birds soon relocate to where they can feed without feeling threatened. Most Pigeons / birds start feeling the effect within a week of the use of the equipment.

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