Beautiful Roses Saved by Bird Gard Possum Deterrent!

Customer Testimonial:  Cathy Wynne

I purchased two Possum Deterrent units to prevent my rose from being completely ruined, writes customer Cathy Wynne.  After experimenting with the positioning of the units, my roses are now healthy and happy!

Like many customers, Cathy wanted to not only preserve the natural beauty around her home  — including the rose bushes in her arbour —  but also the environment and the possums.  It was important for me to use a product that was environmentally friendly, she says. I can still see and hear the possums but not near my roses.

Within a few weeks of installing the Bird Gard units and after moving them around a bit, her roses were blooming gloriously!  She also appreciates the help provided by Bird Gard customer service.  The information and guidance from the staff were accurate and efficient. Thank you!

Pictures can speak louder than words; see the results for yourself!

Rose Bushes Before Possum Deterrent: Early October: Note the severe damage to the new shoots.

cathy rose bush damage
cathy rose bush damage 2

After Possum Deterrent.  November: Cathy positioned the Possum Deterrent unit to the far right for maximum effectiveness.  Fabulous flowering!

cathy rose bush

The Rose Arbour

Before Possum Deterrent: Early October: The roses on the arbour were very badly damaged, explains Cathy. Unfortunately, the possums have really gotten into to a previously hardy “Albertine” plant at the rear left, which did not survive.

Rose arbour 1

After Possum Deterrent: November: But the other roses in the arbour did thrive!  Adds Cathy:  New growth was rapid and good flowering occurred but the results were not as spectacular as on the roses near the fence.  A serious pruning and reshaping the following winter and repositioning of the Bird Gard unit closer to the arbour produced even greater improvements. 

Rose arbour 2


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