Ultrasonic Possum Deterrent Q&A

Q – How does the Possum Deterrent work?

The ultrasonic Possum Deterrent emits a random and intermittent array of almost silent ultrasonic frequencies that most humans can’t hear but possums find uncomfortable.
The device is weatherproof and has a maximum range of up to 14 metres in a vertical arc of 60 degrees and the horizontal arc of 170 degrees in front of the device, but with less range on the sides.
The 9v device plugs into a 240-volt power socket via its 240v adaptor with an attached 2-metre power cord, and there are options to increase the power cord length to 12 or 22 metres long. Other power options include C type torch batteries or 12v batteries.
The Possum Deterrent is normally played on the constant mode that intermittently and randomly emits oscillating ultrasonic frequencies.  (It also has a motion sensor mode where the device emits ultrasonics only when it senses movement). A light sensor automatically turns the device on at dusk and off at dawn, but when used inside the roof, we suggest the device is set for 24 hours.
Inside a roof space, the maximum range is less than outdoors – up to 10 metres.  A roof adaptation of the device is available that has an additional flashing strobe light.  (Currently, this version can be purchased over the phone only).

Q – What is the optimal range of the Possum Deterrent?

Possums can hear the Possum Deterrent up to 20 metres away, but it starts to take effect at 14 metres.  Depending on your circumstances and your possums, 14 metres is the maximum possible range achieved.  Not everyone will achieve 14 metres – that is the best range achieved.

Q – Is the range in front conical or narrow horizontal?

The Ultrasonics spreads out left and right and covers a maximum arc of 170 degrees in front of the device, but with less range and effect on the sides. The maximum strength of an ultrasonic device is directly in front, so pointing the device at what you want to protect is normally the best approach.
The ultrasonics also beam up and down horizontally at a 60 degree spread in front of the device. For every 2 metres in front of the device, the ultrasonics go up and down 1 metre. So at 10 metres in front of the device, the ultrasonics will go up and down 5 metres, rather like the shape of a steep pyramid lying on its side.

Q – Is the device weatherproof as I would need to mount it on top of a flat-roofed carport?

The device can be mounted outdoors.  Rain and other weather isn’t a problem, but never allow the device to point straight up in the air, as there is a hole/aperture that emits the ultrasonics which could let the rain in. There are two indentations in the back of the device that you can use to hook the device on nails or screws.

Q – Why haven’t the possums gone?

Two possums on roof beamThe Possum Deterrent is the main device used around suburban homes. After years of collating the results that customers have achieved with the Possum Deterrent the statistics say:

  • For at least 90% of people, successfully repelling possums is simply a matter of pointing the device at what you protect.

These people achieve success within 1 to 21 days regardless on how many devices they have or how they have installed them.

  • For 10% of people, it is pointing the device at where the possums come from that is the most effective.  Basically, it is a trial and error process to see what works for you.
  • It is best to pick a spot for installation and leave it there for up to 21 days because that is how long it can take.  After that period of time, if you don’t have the desired result, do give us a call so we can advise you on what to do next.
  • If you don’t achieve success within 21 days you can send us photos that give a good perspective of what you want to protect and how you have installed the device. This allows us to see your problem and give you the best advice.
  • The possum deterrent has a high success rate.  Based on past sales, only approximately 4 to 6 devices out of every 100 are returned for a refund.  Reasons for return are:
    • Operator error – please do call us if you have trouble operating your device
    • Not installed in a manner needed for that location – possums are wild animals in an uncontrolled environment and there is no set, hard and fast way of installing them.  Different locations can require different types of installation.  Do contact us if you think you need help.
    • Insufficient devices – don’t try and defend too much with one unit.  The device has a maximum range of up to 14 metres and not everyone will achieve that.
    • Unrealistic expectations – don’t expect instant results. It can take up to 21 days to repel possums.  Possums can go backwards and forwards during that time.
    • The possum deterrent is effective at repelling possums but no product is 100% effective 100% of the time.  There will be occasions and locations where one device can be overwhelmed by the extent of the possum problem.  There are larger, more powerful devices available in these circumstances.

The device comes with a 90-day money back guarantee – no questions asked – but if your possum deterrent is not working for you, do give us a call and we may be able to help you get the most out of your device.
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23 thoughts on “Ultrasonic Possum Deterrent Q&A

  • Hi, will the possum repellent have any negative effect on bird life in our garden? The veggie garden is also right next to our chicken coop. Would it be bad fir our chickens to be near the repeller?

    • Hi Erin

      We haven’t noticed the possum deterrent having any effect against chickens. Actually most products have no noticeable effect. Only the Eagle has worked and even then I think it is a bit marginal

      Regards Bird Gard

  • We have a Mini Lop rabbit as a pet, and the possum trail runs across the roof of his hutch. Would the Possum Deterrent impact on the rabbit?

    • Hi Ian

      Some years ago now a customer tried the possum deterrent to repel rabbits from his front lawn. It didn’t work and we haven’t tried that again.

      Regards Bird Gard

  • Hi, would this repeller also work on antechinus? I have either the agile or brown antechinus (native bush mouse) invading my cabin during breeding season at the moment. I can’t find any information anywhere as to whether ultrasonics repel them.

  • Why would it take 21 days ? you would think they couldn’t stand the sound on the first night. I suspect I have both possum and rats. Im hearing sounds above ceiling or possibly in the wall during the day which is unlike possums. I assume this product is unpalatable for rats as well ?

    • Hi Hilary

      It can take from 1 day to 21 days to repel possums. Possums are creatures of habit and some are more determined than others. The ultrasonic possum deterrent has settings for possums and rats
      Regards Bird Gard

  • We would like to be able to repel possums and the roaming dogs that come to our orchard to chase them. The dogs have done extensive damage to our kiwifruit vines whilst trying to reach possums perched up high.
    Do you think your product could work in this situation ?

    • Hi Peter

      yes we should be able to help you here but will need a bit more info from you, such as the length x width of your orchard and its physical address so we can look at it on google earth

      Regards Bird Gard

  • I am keen to purchase a Possum Deterrent — to deter a new possum in an Adelaide suburban roof. What are the SIZE specifications of the UltraSonic Possum Deterrent? (Height. Length. Width?) Need to create a big ceiling/roof hole, to place or install it? Please advise. Thanks Arnold Strals

    • Hi Arnold
      We have 2 ultrasonic possum devices, the possum deterrent and the roof off
      The devices are identical except for the strobe light that the roof off
      devices has. Both devices can be used inside a roof space, but because of
      the strobe light the roof off is the preferred device to be used inside a
      roof space.
      Both devices are 17cm long and 14cm high
      The possum deterrent is 88mm wide, as is the roof off, but its strobe then juts out an additional 7mm.
      Regards Bird Gard

    • Hello Ariel
      I would say sort of yes to that. Many a customer has witnessed possums freezing in their tracks when confronted by a possum deterrent. Staying still and / or staring at the device does occur.
      This is typical possum behaviour when they are confronted by potential danger or something they are unsure of.
      I recall seeing 2 possums walking across a telephone wire. When they saw me they just stopped and stared at me. They didn’t start moving again until I walked away.
      Regards Bird Gard

  • how long do the solar powered batteries last ? ours worked for only a single night and now on night no2, is not working (no red light with motion). it wasn’t an especially sunny day today

    • Hi Rod: They definitely should last more than a day. I have had one going in our office for the past week with no solar panel on it. I cant find you on our customer list, did you buy under a different name? It’s always best to have a chat about any problem, so please do give us a call.

  • Hello, we have moved house, onlly 4km from our old address where we lived for 10 yrs and had no possum troubles (though we saw them around). But now I am devestated that the lovely 4 x 4m crab apple has been stripped of all new leaves and more importantly the flowers 🙁 We are researching products and are interested in your device, if we should purchase on, would you able to help with suggestions of the best place to put it, please?
    Many thanks

    • Hi Jorji
      Yes we can help you get the best out of the possum deterrent.
      For most people it is just pointing the device at what you want to protect.
      There is lots of advice in the manual so it is a good read.
      When purchasing feel free to give us a call and we can discuss your possum problem in more detail.

    • Hi, thanks for your enquiry.
      We have sold thousands of possum repellers and most of these customers also have dogs and cats or their neighbours do.
      Fortunately when programmed to repel possums our customers tell us the Possum Deterrent has no effect on Dogs and Cats.
      But, if you did want to repel Dogs and Cats you turn the ultrasonic dial away from the Possum setting and onto the Dog and Cat setting.
      The frequencies that repel Possums are different from the frequencies that bother Dogs and Cats.
      If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

  • Hi I have just purchased a device; haven’t installed it yet, but will the Possum Deterrent device affect the Koalas we have in the same area in our garden?

    • Hello
      I’m sorry, we cant give you an answer on that one. For us to know the effect of the Possum Deterrent on any animal we have to test it, by trying to repel it. We have never had the need to repel Koalas, so we don’t know what the effect will be on Koalas.


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