Combating Birds in Wineries and Orchards

Latest Technology: The “IntelliaGard OS” for combating birds in Vineyards and Orchards


Vineyards, cherished for their picturesque landscapes and bountiful harvests, often face challenges from avian pests that can wreak havoc on crops. For combating birds in wineries and orchards, BirdGard Australia has introduced the Super Pro USB with anti-habituation smart technology, offering vineyardand orchard owners an innovative solution to safeguard their precious grapevines. Let’s explore how this cutting-edge device benefits vineyards and enhances their protection against avian intruders.

Combating Avian Threats:

Birds pose a significant threat to vineyards, farms, orchards with species like starlings, silver eyes, fruit bats leatherheads, cockatoos and blackbirds being some of the few known to cause substantial damage to grape crops. These avian pests feed on ripening fruit, resulting in yield losses, compromised quality, and increased operational costs for vineyard owners. Traditional bird deterrent methods like nets often prove ineffective in the long run being cumbersome to store, frequent damage to netting and birds often force dive into nets making holes to eat fruit, rendering these measures obsolete. Last but not the least birds are smart and can get easily habituated to traditional dispersal methods. Hence the latest in anti-habituation for combating birds in wineries and orchards.

Bird Habituation is the Problem

  • Birds get used to deterrents when the stimuli is repeated over and over.
  • This stimuli includes cannons, shot guns, lasers, scarecrows and other audible devices.
  • These other deterrents can also repel benefcial species such as the insect eating and predatory birds.
  • These other deterrents can’t be returned to get your money back if they dont work.

Super Pro USB with IntelliGard OS:

The Super Pro USB from BirdGard Australia represents a paradigm shift in combating birds in wineries and orchards, thanks to its advanced anti-habituation technology. Unlike conventional bird deterrents, which birds quickly learn to ignore, the Super Pro USB employs the IntelliGard OS a system that throws up dynamic deterrent patterns that prevent habituation. By continuously varying its signals, frequencies, and intensities, the device keeps avian pests on their toes, ensuring sustained effectiveness over time.

The Difference with IntelliGard OS 

  • This is not the old squawk box off the shelf.
  • Playback and time-off intervals are randomised so that birds cannot recognise a pattern.
  • Directly target your nuisance birds humanely and with corrosponding sound profiles keeping your beneficial birds still around.
image 1
image 1

Proven Results

  • Trusted by farmers, wineries, orchard owners during 2023 growing seasons.
  • Market tested in the field.
  • Positive user feedback with high success rates.
image 2
image 2

Key Benefits for Wineyards:

Long-Term Efficacy:      The anti-habituation technology of the Super Pro USB ensures that birds remain deterred, reducing crop damage and minimizing yield losses throughout the growing season thus combating birds in wineries and orchards over a prolonged period of time.

Customisable Settings:      Vineyard owners can tailor the device’s deterrent patterns to suit their specific needs, adjusting parameters such as frequency, duration, and intensity to target avian pests effectively.

Multi-Sensory Repellent:      The Super Pro USB combines sonic, ultrasonic, distress calls targeting the pest species, creating a multi-faceted defense system that targets birds’ auditory senses.

Easy Installation and Maintenance:      Designed for user convenience, the device is simple to install and operate, requiring minimal maintenance to keep vineyards protected year-round.

Environmentally Friendly:      BirdGard Australia prioritises eco-conscious practices, ensuring that its products are safe for use in vineyards, orchards and farms while minimising harm to the surrounding ecosystem.

Applications in Vineyard Management:

From small family-owned vineyards to large-scale commercial operations, the Super Pro USB caters to a diverse range of vineyard settings. Whether protecting grapevines from bird damage during critical growth stages or deterring avian pests from feeding on ripe fruit, this versatile device offers vineyard owners a reliable and sustainable solution to their bird control needs.

BirdGard Australia’s Super Pro USB with anti-habituation technology represents a game-changer for vineyard protection, providing vineyard owners with an effective and sustainable means of deterring avian pests. By leveraging dynamic deterrent patterns and multi-sensory repellents, the device ensures long-term efficacy while minimizing the risk of habituation. As vineyards strive to maintain healthy crops and sustainable practices, the Super Pro USB stands as a trusted ally in their ongoing battle against avian intruders, preserving the beauty and productivity of vineyards for generations to come.


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