Musk Lorikeet Control (Glossopsitta concinna)

Musk Lorikeets are a small, mostly green bird (with a red forehead) which is usually seen flying high overhead on their way to and from their feeding areas. Favoured food is eucalyptus flowers (pollen and nectar). They are greedy feeders and become so engrossed when feeding they appear to ignore approaching danger. They nest anytime from August to January and have 2 eggs.
They are a nomadic bird and can suddenly arrive in their thousands if food is scarce elsewhere.
In poor seasons when the eucalyptus trees fail to flower, musk lorikeets can be a serious problem to farmers – frenzy feeding on fruit crops with almost suicidal intent.
These birds can be controlled but early installation is important and any rogue birds must be dealt with swiftly before numbers increase.
The multiply sound harassment devices are the most successful machines on the musk lorikeets. When times are bad a good level of equipment backed up by good management is required for best results.


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