Kangaroo & Wallaby Control

We all like to know that these animals are alive and well and living in suburbia. However, often the joy of seeing these lovely animals can be tempered by the damage they may cause to a prize garden or perhaps a high value crop.
They can be humanely and legally repelled using a combination of sonics and ultrasonics in the Vermin X and CEX devices manufactured by Bird Gard.
The CEX is only adequate for very small areas like small urban gardens or perhaps a particular garden bed.
The Vermin X is a much larger device which uses four speakers, each 30m apart, thereby giving protection over an area approximately 100 metres long. Ideal for a “sonic fence” around a perimeter or boundary.
Whilst the sound frequencies can be programmed with a simple flick of a switch to reduce the sonic (audible) component so the device is then inaudible to humans, we strongly advise leaving the devices in the louder, audible range. It is far more effective in this mode and the range is very limited if not used this way.


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