Sparrow Control (Passer domesticus)

Introduced to Australia in the 1860’s from Europe, the sparrow is now well at home in all eastern and southern Australian cities. They may raise several broods of between three to six young per season. Wherever humans live in any numbers, you’ll find sparrows. However, they are rarely found in heavily vegetated high country.
Sparrows are not a major pest in cultivated crops. The main cause for concern is their habit of nesting in rooftops, industrial buildings, any crevice where they can build their rather untidy nests. They can be a health hazard if their droppings are deposited in areas of food storage or preparation. They also cause the inconvenience of having to clean up after them.
Sparrows appear almost oblivious to artificial harassment sounds (unlike most other birds) but will respond to a distress call of it’s own species.
In New Zealand, some grape growers find sparrows invading their crop late in the summer (something extremely rare in Australia). Those who use Bird Gard’s Pro Amp are simply swapping the harassment sound chip for one with a sparrow distress signal and having very good results.


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