Red Wattlebird Control (Anthochaera carunculata)

The Red Wattlebird can be found in woodlands and forests from south east Australia to south west Australia, basically all along the southern end of the country. A honeyeater, they take nectar from a wide range of flowers and also insects. They breed mostly from July to December but will breed through to February in higher areas. Usually two but sometimes three eggs.
Whilst not usually a commercial problem in most areas, there are some districts where they have become a pest in vineyards and orchards, usually late in the season. They like to invade crops from scrub usually very close by. Once in a crop, they can prove to be very tenacious and hard to move, especially if the local native trees haven’t blossomed or have finished blossoming.
A combination of different harassment sounds is the best way to combat wattlebirds. As always, early installation is vital for best results.


6 thoughts on “Red Wattlebird Control (Anthochaera carunculata)

  • Hi we have had a red wattle bird that has been attacking our cat for the last few weeks swooping her constantly never leaving her alone, it’s almost gotten in the house a couple times now and chases the cat constantly, we checked our cameras and we found that the cat had been stalking the bird and attempted to catch her but didn’t succeed, since that day the bird has been attacking her relentlessly and we were wondering if there’s any way to prevent it?

  • We had a great variety of small birds come to our drinking fountain.
    New holland honey eaters, blue wrens, finches, bower birds plus many more.
    Next thing the noisy miners come in, then the wattle birds.
    They got rid of nearly every othe species we had visiting.
    Is there a kind way of moving them on, without hurting them.
    They are real bully birds, very territorial.

  • I have just today discovered the cause for my lack of sleep and frustration is due to 2 Red Wattlebirds. I moved in to a rental property approximately 6 weeks ago and the birds attack my windows from sunrise to sunset everyday. They constantly peck and flap their wings against the windows. I have tried owls, scaring and spraying the birds without success. It is not the noises they make but the constant attacking of the windows waking me from about 5.30am every morning, the only break I get is when I go to work. It is taking a toll on my stress levels and I do not know what to do?? Can anyone help me please


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