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Bat Repeller (BBR) is an effective way to relocate flying foxes or Bats from areas close to your homes and places of work. The device acts as a sound barrier and irritates the Bats and forces them to find alternate roosting areas.

Bat Repeller!!

Bat Repeller is also well known as a BBR (Bird Bat Repeller). It does an excellent job in removing Bats and Starlings.

Its produces a chattering sound a bit like exaggerated Cycadas which is audible and loud often used in large open spaces like orchards, farms and vineyard where noise disturbance is not an issue. It actually plays transonic sounds which is combination of audible and ultrasonic which is the most effective for Bats. The Bat Repeller, BBR is often used in conjunction with other sounds, such as the Electronic Scarecrow (ESC), to control:

  • Flying Fox
  • Blackbirds
  • Crows
  • Currawongs
  • Rainbow Lorikeets  
  • Starlings 

In addition to its sound output the Bird and Bat Repeller also emits ultrasonic sounds which are inaudible to humans but effective in repelling species such as

  • Flying Fox 
  • Kangaroos  
  • Wallabies 

This Ultrasonic feature will act as a deterrent to Bats and flying foxes. Interestingly, the lychee growers have observed that the BBR’s high frequency output also reduces, little sucking moth damage.

Moths can perceive the ultrasonic sound waves as an imminent threat from insect eating bats and cause them to drop to the ground to avoid predation and being eaten. 

This Bat Repeller (BBR) device also emits Ultrasonic sounds, which are sounds in the over 20,000hz range. These Ultrasonic sounds (in conjunction with strong floodlights) are effective in repelling flying foxes also known as bats.

All of which are able to hear sounds in the over 20,000hz range. Humans, except those with very sensitive hearing, usually children, hear only up to 20,000hz.

The Bat Repeller (BBR) unit can be used to run a sonic fence (a series of speakers 30m apart) made up of as many as 8 speakers thus forming a wall of sound 210m long.

It can also be used as a part of a multi-blaster, which is a 4-wayBat (360 degrees) speaker run by 2 sound generators. This enables the unit to output 2 different sounds in a 360-degree circle.

In either sonic fence or multi-blaster form, an 85amp fully charged battery will power the system, non-stop, for 2 to 3 weeks.

This Bat Repeller device can also be deployed in yards to relocate bats from areas they are not wanted.

The Bat Repeller operates with great convenience and efficiency, its fully automatic functionality is facilitated by a built-in light sensor that offers three different operational modes that can be set with the flick of a switch to DAY, NIGHT, or 24-HOUR operation.

Simply toggle the switch to select the preferred mode which eliminates the need for manual activation and deactivation. 

This automated feature ensures a hassle free experience enabling you to safe guard your surroundings.

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