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Bird Repellent Eyes

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This Product Repels: Crows, Indian Mynas, Pigeons, Doves

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The amazing Bird Repellent Eyes have proven to be successful at repelling Crows, Indian Mynas, Pigeons and Doves from around homes, cars, cafes, restaurants and commercial buildings.

The Bird Repellent Eyes look like a piece of yellow and black plastic with owl eyes on it, and thanks to a new scientific discovery they contain a natural, non-harmful chemical compound that emits a ultra-violet glow when exposed to sunlight.

Ultra-violet is a light spectrum that we humans cannot see, however some birds do. Crows, Indian Mynas, Doves and Pigeons are the most sensitive to it. The birds see an eerie 'glow in the dark' effect during daylight which scares them. The idea is to suspend the Bird Repellent Eyes in the area you want to protect so the birds can clearly see it. The Bird Repellent Eyes work best when exposed to direct sunlight.

The Bird Repellent Eyes are great at repelling Crows. Results say they work well on 97 out of 100 occasions. With Indian Mynas they work well in 7 out of every 10 occasions.

Brand: Bird Gard
Product Code: BRE
Availability: Out Of Stock
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