Seagull and Swallow Deterrent

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Deter sea birds like seagulls, and swallows from boats, jetties and marinas, sheds and pools with the Bird Gard Seagull & Swallow Deterrent

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Seagull and Swallow Deterrent!!

After years of listening to our clients who live near water or on boats who have problems with Seagulls and also Swallows, we have developed the ideal small Seagull and Swallow Deterrent. It will deter Seagulls and Swallows from boats, marinas or jetties extremely effectively.  The Bird Gard “Seagull and Swallow Deterrent” works by combining electronic recordings of distress calls from different species which evokes a sense of danger in the birds, who associate the sounds as distress calls.

Weighing only 800g and just 22 x 10 x 14 cm in size, the “Seagull & Swallow Deterrent” is a self-contained unit with speaker and electronics all ready to power up and deter bird pests.  This unit runs on 12 volts and can be powered by either a standard 12V battery or from 240V mains (with the use of an adaptor).

If you wish to increase the range of the Seagull and Swallow Deterrent, you can plug in an extension speaker that includes 30m of cable and project the sound to another area up to 30 metres away. In this way, you could effectively repel swallows as well from your boat shed and at the same time ward off seagulls from your moored boat. This is achieved by using the mains power socket to power the unit in the shed and running the cable with speaker onto the deck where seagulls are the issue. (The additional speaker with cable is not included with the standard Bird Gard – Seagull and Swallow Deterrent, as often the unit alone is sufficient for the problem).

You can program your Bird Gard – Seagull and Swallow Deterrent for a few different conditions. It can be set up to work at night time, during the day or over the complete 24 hours. You can also vary playing time from only occasionally to extremely frequently – or varying intervals in between – according to your particular requirements. We recommend setting the unit to operate randomly which the birds cannot anticipate or become used to.

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