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Super Pro Bird Scarer

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This Product Repels: Cormorants, Crows, Ducks, Seagulls, Swallows, Sparrows, Starlings, Plovers, Pigeons, Indian Mynas

The Super Pro is a versatile weatherproof device that can be used in Vineyards, Orchards, Airports, Landfills, Golf Courses, Commercial and Industrial buildings, and just about anywhere that birds are a problem.  The device can be factory fitted with any one of a variety of different microchips to suit your particular bird problem.  Each sound chip has up to 8 bird species using naturally occurring distress and predator calls which can repel multiple pest bird species at the same time.  The most common birds repelled by the Super Pro include Crows, Ravens, Starlings, Swallows, Ducks, Seagulls and Plovers.

The Super Pro has a random switch which continually changes the order in which the sound patterns are palyed to prevent birds becoming accustomed to the Super Pro.  In many situations such as commercial and industrial buildings the super Pro can be left static and used as needed.

In vineyars and orchards it may be best to regularly move the device around from place to place never being left too long in any one place.  Super Pro has also been very effective when placed in bush bordering a vineyard or orchard. It clears out the birds from the area where they normally launch their attack on the crop(s).

The device has a light sensor that can be programmed to automatically operate the device from dawn to dusk, dusk to dawn or 24 hours.  Optional outdoor 12v timers are available for greater control over operating times or if used in buildings a standard 240 timer can be used.

The Super Pro is normally supplied with one or two 4 way 360o speakers. They are also very effective in situations like Marinas when used as a sonic fence (a series of directional speakers 30m apart) made up of as many as 8 speakers forming a wall of sound up to 200m long.

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Brand: Bird Gard
Product Code: SP123
Availability: In Stock
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