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Australian Bat Control

Australian Bat Control

Bats, not to be confused with the larger “Flying Fox”, are a very small, usually insectivorous, animal which most people rarely see. There are quite a large number of species found in Australia. They are unobtrusive and harmless, sometimes seen flying around street lights at night feeding on flying insects.

Echo-location is used as a form of “seeing” in the dark and they have a highly developed “ultrasonic” hearing capability.

In the rare circumstance where they may become a problem by living in ceilings and attics, and thus create a health problem with their accumulated droppings, they can be harmlessly relocated using an ultrasonic or an ultrasonic/sonic combination device.

Talk to your Bird Gard dealer on advice as to which device best suits your circumstances. ALL bats are protected species and cannot be harmed or killed.

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