Australian Bat Control

Bats, not to be confused with the larger “Flying Fox”, are a very small, usually insectivorous, animal which most people rarely see. There are quite a large number of species found in Australia. They are unobtrusive and harmless, sometimes seen flying around street lights at night feeding on flying insects.
Echo-location is used as a form of “seeing” in the dark and they have a highly developed “ultrasonic” hearing capability.
In the rare circumstance where they may become a problem by living in ceilings and attics, and thus create a health problem with their accumulated droppings, they can be harmlessly relocated using an ultrasonic or an ultrasonic/sonic combination device.
Talk to your Bird Gard dealer on advice as to which device best suits your circumstances. ALL bats are protected species and cannot be harmed or killed.


8 thoughts on “Australian Bat Control

  • Hi, I would like to know if the electronic devices to repel microbats hurts dogs hearing? I love my dog but I am over the amount of micro bat shit I have to deal with. Been living with them in nature for over 30 years but they have bred up in numbers and it is over the top.

  • hi Darren
    Unfortunately we have flying fox thousands of them in front of our house. Council not doing anything to help us. I have to shut the windows no more fresh air. Is there anything you could help? Thanks.

    • Hi Lee

      We have a 4 speaker ultrasonic device that we use to repel Flying Foxes from around a home. They retail at $920.00 incl

      always best to call us to discuss your circumstances before purchase

      Regards Bird Gard

  • Hi
    I’m pretty sure I have micro bats nesting in my wall cavity. They are noisy and getting louder. We can’t find how they get in or out. We are getting desperate and are wondering if we need to remove part of the wall to flush them out. An r pensive solution !!!

    Can you help? How can we get rid of them??

    • Hi Allan

      Do you mean Flying Foxes or Micro Bats ? we have device’s that work to repel both species. However the circumstances of your particular problem is best discussed before any purchase. So please do give us a call on 07 54436344 or contact by email

      Regards Bird Gard


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