Noisy Friar Bird aka Leatherhead Control

Due to their black bare neck and sides of the face, these birds are sometimes called leatherheads. Not a particularly attractive bird. They usually breed from August to February and have two or three eggs. Found throughout eastern Australia’s coastal regions from Cape York to Victoria.
In the southern parts of Australia, they appear to be migratory, moving north after breeding (summer) is over around March/April. They return south about September/ October. When not paired off for breeding, they can gather in reasonably large flocks in good feeding areas, squabbling among themselves. They can be quite rowdy and aggressive.
Their natural food is nectar, pollen, berries, insects, virtually anything. They love orchard fruit and grapes.
While good results have been achieved with leatherheads, than can be very hard to repel. The usual harassment sounds and distress calls, can be tested to the limit in late summer. Strict management and early detection is very important.


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