How to position the Possum Deterrent

For most people repelling possums is simply a matter of turning the device on and pointing it in their general direction. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen for everyone so I’ve written this article to how to position the Possum Deterrent.
With more complex possum issues a greater attention to detail is often required.
We like to help in these situations and have a process to assist. If you can, do send us some photos showing how the device is installed and of the area you want to protect. We can then get onto Google Earth and zoom in on your property and give you a call to discuss. More often than not our advice does solve the problem.
I was talking with a fella a few weeks ago who wasn’t having any luck with his Possum Deterrent so we engaged in the above process, he then sent me this email message.

“OK.  Done that Darren.  The units are now doing the job just fine, and our deciduous trees are starting to look terrific for the first time in years.”
– Stephen Walters

Something to check is the position of the ultrasonic dial. Where we say point to the right, which way right is depends on which way your holding the device. Do ensure the dial is pointing directly at where the circular arc’s (embedded in the plastic casing) tall meet in a straight line, see the attached picture and put the dial on the straight line.
Also have a look at the attached picture, this customer installed his possum deterrent on the right of the picture and pointed it at the little tree on the left. The height of the device and the distance away from the tree all looks fair enough and that would work for most people, but not for this customer, it didn’t work. So he sent me this photo and we then advised him to put the device behind the tree and point it in the direction of where the possums were coming from, which in this case was the white coloured retaining wall you can see in front of the tree.
Position of Possum Deterrent
In this case the normal method of “point it at what you want to protect” didn’t work so plan B “point it at where they come from”  and if possible also “point it at what you want to protect”  did work.
In this case, as soon as the device was repositioned it stopped the possums in their tracks, and problem solved.


8 thoughts on “How to position the Possum Deterrent

  • Hi, can I install the sonic possum deterrent on a sloping tiled roof e.g. like a pyramid?
    Will the slope act as a solid object and block the sonic?
    If so, how high above the slope up would I need to attach the device to avoid this.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Linda

      Do you have possums jumping onto your roof ? can you hear where they land ? People put the device on their roof close to where the possums land. Just point the device so it is roughly parallel with the ground.

      Regards Bird Gard

      • Thanks Darren

        Initially I put the devices about 2ft above roof line but success came when I lowered them onto the gutter edge.

        I wonder are they heat resistant to very hot summer temperature on roof?

        • Hi Linda

          heat hasnt been a problem with the device, but we did have one fella who installed the device on a flat metal wall. The built up heat of the metal softened the back cover and the it separated from the device. He then used a wooden back plate and problem solved

          Regards Bird Gard

  • Hi, can you send me the instructions of the possum deterrent please, i want to make sure i have the dials in the right place.


    • Hi Tim
      One has been emailed to you this morning. Please check your junk mail if it hasn’t shown up in your inbox.

  • Hi,
    I am about to install your possum deterrent in my roof space and my roof dimension is 13m x 30m. Can you proposal me how many them and how to install them? or can you introduce any installer for us?

    • Hello Jin
      Sorry we don’t have installers, the possum deterrent is intended to be a do it your-self product, but that does mean someone has to go up into the roof.
      Inside a roof space we put the maximum range as 10 metres in-front of the device. If you did need to defend the entire 30 metre length you would need 3 devices.
      However defending the entire roof space isn’t always necessary to repel possums, some people are successful with just one device while others will need more.
      Unfortunately it isn’t possible to know in advance how many devices will be needed for any given roof space, BUT the more open your roof is, ( i.e. no nooks and crannies, obstructions and odd shaped roof areas etc., ) the more likely it is that one device will be sufficient.


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