How to remove possums from a roof

“How to get rid of possums from my roof” is a commonly asked question.  

Bird Gard have created an Ultrasonic Possum remover for deterring possums from all around your home.  
Roofoff Possum DeterrentIn this article I’m going to talk about how to remove possums from a roof using the Bird Gard ROOF OFF Possum Removal device which has been designed to be especially effective at possum removal from a building roof.  There are a couple of specifics to bear in mind when you install your possum device, to ensure you achieve the best effect.
As a guide think of ultrasonics as being like a beam of light. Picture being under a big tree with a thick canopy of leaves on a sunny day; you can see beams of sunlight coming through gaps in the leaves.  Where there are leaves, the sunlight cannot penetrate the canopy.  Ultrasonics behave like sunlight and can be blocked by solid objects.
Imagine now that the possum device is like a torch and the light it emits represents the ultrasonics. If you aim the torch at a solid object, the object would be illuminated by the light but there would be a shadow behind the object.  Ultrasonics have the same effect, solid objects will impede the ultrasonics and create an ultrasonic shadow where possums can hide.When defending your roof space the same principles apply.
When you use the device outside most people will know exactly what they are targeting.  But in a roof space, that’s not always the case.
Inside a roof space, the device has a maximum range of 10 metres, which may not be enough to cover the entire roof space.  Most people will target where they believe the possums sleep, or where they hear them the most AND / OR the area where the possums enter the roof.
If you have an L-shaped roof space, you will automatically need at least two devices to cover that entire area because ultrasonics just like a beam of light won’t go around corners.
Remember to be aware that beams and other solid objects in the roof will prevent the ultrasonics from travelling across the space.  They will also create good cover for possums to hide from the ultrasonics so you may need two or more devices to repel them.

Aim for constant exposure to ultrasonics to be most effective

If trying to get possums out of the roof by having the device on the outside it will work best if you can have the device at the same level as the possum. Mounting the device in the line of site will create the best field of ‘fire’ to expose the possum to the ultrasonics for as long as possible.
The sound generated is uncomfortable to them and longer, more constant exposure will deter them from your roof space.

Strobe Light increases repelling power

Roofoff Possum RemovalThe Ultrasonic Possum Deterrent is a great overall repelling device for possums, especially outside.  For the confined roof space, often with beams interrupting the ultrasonic beam, the ROOF OFF Possum Removal device is highly recommended as this unit has a strobe light that comes on at night time.  This adds an extra dimension to the general discomfort, because as well as the ultrasonic noise, there is additional bombardment with a flashing light.

How long will it take to repel the Possum(s)?

Possums are wild animals in an uncontrolled environment, so there is no set time frame to repel them.  Time taken to achieve results has been as little as one day to up to one month to repel possums from a roof space, but they are always repelled or we’ll give you your money back!
If you would like to discuss how to remove possums from a roof for your particular situation and optimise the use of your device(s) to repel possums, please do not hesitate to contact us on 07 5443 6344.
To read more about Bird Gard ROOF OFF possum removal click here or give us a call at head office 07 5443 6344


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